Super Street Fighter IV Liero Edition V2

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Hey everyone!


I got bored last week and decided to ignore actual work to start this up again. I don't know if I'll finish it or not but if I do, it will undoubtedly take some time.

Anyways, I'm taking a different approach this time around:

Chains are still here, but not everything can be cancelled into specials or supers. Far HP, Far HK, and sweeps usually wont be cancellable. Also some normals (such as Bisons Far MK) probably wont have special cancels either for obvious reasons. Nothing combos directly into Ultras either. I'm taking a slightly more balanced approach this time around, but still trying to bring as much fun out as possible.

I'm also not messing around with charge times or move inputs (generally speaking). If I'm trying to add a new move or simplify things, I might toy with this a bit

Ultra cinematics almost always activate too. You just have to land them properly.

Forward dashes and EX focus cancels are instantly cancellable too,

The juggling (depending on the character) usually limits to 8 hits. Some characters have more and some have less. EX moves, supers, ultras, and some finalizing normals (like sweeps) ignore the limit but still contribute to the juggle counter. I'm also considering allowing OTG's but I'm not sure whether I want to and (if so) how I'm going to handle it.

A bit more information on this here for now until I set up some sort of wiki page or something: